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Cheryl A. Shaffer is the author of Death at 40, Memoir of a Struggling Christian. Cheryl was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and later relocated to Carson, California with her family after her tour of duty with the military.  


She has earned her bachelor's degree in Business Finance from Cal State University Dominguez Hills and her master's degree in Public Administration and Business Organizational Security from Webster University.


Cheryl currently lives in the Southbay Area where she is a contributing author and Post-Secondary educator. Cheryl is a contemporary veteran's advocate who is known for her passion of connecting veterans to  their benefits, as well as providing a military ministry of employment.  She believes in lobbying for veterans rights on the local, state and federal governmental level where a Soldier is never left behind.  


Through her writing, Cheryl hopes to inspire people to learn to tell their story, as well as learn to know when God is speaking and guiding them.

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